Chronic Disease, Pain & Surgery

Reiki for pain relief

It has been well-documented that the ancient healing art of Reiki can significantly help reduce the intensity of pain and can accelerate the body’s natural healing ability.  Whether it be acute pain such as pain after surgery or an accident, or chronic pain such as back pain, fibromyalgia or arthritis, there are an increasing number of studies to suggest that in many cases the effectiveness of Reiki goes way beyond that of the placebo effect.  Researchers are also well aware that emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, or love and joy can have very specific physical effects on the body.  Holistic practitioners, myself included, are firmly of the belief that a great many physical aches, pains and diseases are frequently the result of negative thought patterns, or of our responses to emotional trauma and the day to day stresses in our lives.  Some emotions (such as guilt, anger and fear) are particularly toxic and harmful to our bodies.

If you were to compare our bodies to a car, pain would be a bit like the warning light on the dashboard that tells us when something is out of kilter and needs our attention.  We wouldn’t take a hammer to the warning light so that we can no longer see it flashing, instead we use it to guide us as to the best way to repair the car.  For some reason we frequently don’t do this with our bodies but instead we medicate to mask the pain.  I am not for one moment suggesting that medication and pain relief is unnecessary but many of us have forgotten to look deeper for the cause of the pain.   Modern medicine, surgery and technology are truly amazing and have a very important role to play in helping us maintain our health.  If you are in pain or ill I strongly recommend that you seek medical advice.  However time and again I see people who have ‘tried everything’ but nothing seems to have a lasting impact.  They are often drawn to Reiki as a last resort, only to find that Reiki is particularly powerful, because as well as addressing the physical aspects, it addresses the underlying emotional, mental and spiritual issues that have caused the pain or disease in the first place.

In much the same way, positive emotions tend to have a positive effect on our body.  Reiki gives us a great advantage because it initiates deep relaxation, and often engenders feelings of peace, tranquility and joy, all of which trigger our body’s natural healing abilities and improve and maintain our health.

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